Bold/emphasis shortcuts not working with multiple cursors

Bug report

Hi there, I’m a software developer and I always take notes with this magnificent app.
I’ll go straight to the point, sometimes, when I take notes, I do not put any formatting at first, but when I finish writing, if I got spare time, I usually put some kind of style and formatting to the document, like putting bold/italic/… .
The problem is that when I press CTRL, to select more then a word at a time instead of going one by one, the formatting gets buggy.
Some selected sentences are repeated and everything is formatted, instead of only the words I’ve selected.


  • Platform: Windows
  • Platform version: 11
  • App Version: 5.5.3

How to reproduce

Select more then a word and then press the B (or CTRL+B). You’ll see duplicated sentences and a wrong formatting.

Hi Danilo,

Thanks for the report.
Is that correct to reproduce the issue by the following steps?

  1. For example, you have a sentence like so:
|Hello world this is Takuya.

“|” is a cursor.

  1. Hold CTRL, press Right three times
<Hello world this>| is Takuya.

The text is selected from “<” to “>”.

  1. Press CTRL-B

You get duplicated sentences.
What happens here?

Currently, I can’t reproduce it at least on macOS.
If you installed some plugins, please try disabling them.

Hi there!

No no, I’ll attach some screenshot to let it be more clear.

Let’s say I’ve some text, when I press CTRL and click with mouse on different words, They get selected, then I would like to have only AWS, Cloud and they as bold.
But as you can see this is the behaviour when I click on B(bold).



Gotcha!! So, you are talking about multi-cursor operations.
I managed to reproduce it.

I’m planning to migrate CodeMirror, the editor component, from v5 to v6 in the future.
It should be fixed with the new version.

Yes! I was not getting the word :sweat_smile:

Perfect, thanks a lot! Keep up with the amazing work! :slight_smile:

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