Tags and Status clash

Not sure if this has already been suggested or highlighted, but when you mark a note as status completed, they do not show up anymore under the tags you give them. For example, I have organised a lot of university work with the tags I made separating them by subject and whether they are for an exam or not - but when you mark the note as completed, they are no longer viewable under the tags I created but instead move to under the completed tab instead.


And here you can see the tag directories:


Is there a way this could be changed - either with a preference, a plugin development or natively? It would be great to search all notes by tag instead of them being separated based on the status level you give them. It would be great if notes appeared under the tag categories given to them regardless of status, or if you could search by tag when looking in the status categories themselves.

Hi Leigh,

Thanks for the question. It’s been answered in this topic:

As it’s hard-coded in the database index, the behavior is not possible to change by design.
It’s technically possible to support dynamic indexing based on a preference, but that’ll require re-indexing the entire database. So, it is basically a performance issue and should be carefully considered.

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Thanks for the response.

Would this be even feasible through plugin development? It sounds almost too difficult to be worth even attempting…

Plugins can’t extend the main process, so it’s not possible to accomplish that by a plugin, unfortunately.