Not to hide completed topics


Can it be possible to make completed notes remain in the notebooks ?
I’m using Inkdrop to take notes on my projects, and sometimes I need to refer notes in the past.
Now I need to find it in the “completed” category.
Maybe I can manage it by using tags, but I think it would be more convenient if those completed notes are still in the notebook of each project.

Thank you,


Hi Dscat,

Thank you for the question.
No, it is impossible not to hide completed notes as it’s by design and deeply hard-coded (my strong preference tbh).
The app assumes that you no longer need to view/edit notes when setting them as “completed” or “dropped”.
You can still search completed notes from “Search All” pane.
Press Cmd+F/Ctrl+F again in the search bar to switch to Search All mode.
Or, as you said, please use tags instead for your note status management.