Synchronization seems exceptionally broken

Hi, long time user. Very happy with product except for synchronization.
I’m using an Android Phone an Ubuntu Laptop and and Ubuntu Desktop (both 20.04).
For some reason notes are either never synchronized, or in the rare case when they are, then there always seems to be a conflict.
Question: what information / tests would be most helpful to debug this issue?

Hi Dav,

I suspect that you are using the old version, which data sync no longer works due to this issue:

So, please install the latest version here:

thanks, I was on 5.4.1 (latest is 5.4.3) and that bug report was raised on 5.4.2, so could well be.
I’ll update and let you know the results.

It’s working again, thanks for the quick response, and great product.

Question: I was not prompted to update from 5.4.1 to 5.4.3,
so am assuming that the update prompt only triggers on
minor versions, ie 5.x and not patches, ie: 5.4.x, correct?

Given that this was a critical bug, should the version not have been 5.5, which would have triggered the update prompt?

Additionally, is there some way to specify that I want to be prompted for all new versions, including patches?

Good to hear that.
As I mentioned in that topic, the auto update was not working due to the certificate issue. Every request fails, including checking a new version. It’s totally unexpected.
Normally, it should prompt every new version, including patches.
I sent an email to notify it if you subscribed to the newsletter. Looks like you are not.

thanks, how do I subscribe to the newsletter?

Currently, there isn’t a way to do that.
I’ve manually made you subscribe to it.
I’ll consider adding a form for that.

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I want in on the newsletter!

@Ryan_McQuen Do you mean you also want to re-subscribe to the newsletter?

Yes, please.

Okay, I’ve updated the website so that you can re-subscribe to it :slight_smile:Privacy settings page