Sync error -> Notes not appearing on Windows

Bug report

Sync error. Mac pulls notes from Windows. but doesn’t push to Windows.


Platform Platform Version App Version
macOS Monterey (12.2.1) 5.5.1
Windows Windows 11 Pro 21H2 5.5.1

How to reproduce

  1. Use Mac as primary PC. Create many notes. Sync.
  2. Open Windows PC, click Sync → No notes appear.
  3. Test sync in other direction → Creat note with Test title and body. Click sync.
  4. Open Mac, click sync. Test note syncs successfully and is received ok.

Thus appears Mac sync pulls ok but doesnt push. Or Windows pushes but doesn’t pull.

Other notes

  • Inkdrop exception added to Windows firewall

Hi Dermot,

Thanks for the report.
Have you tried “Synchronize Notes from Scratch” on the Windows machine?


That worked perfectly thanks Takuya! Any time I add a new device I’ll run that to be safe.

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