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This is a feature request, not a bug report

Hi Takuya,

This is a fairly small thing, however it can become annoying when encountered frequently. Sometimes I put some note in inkdrop on Desktop, and want it to be immediately available on Mobile. So I click on the drop down arrow (in sync section, on bottom left…), move mouse to “Synchronize notes”, then click on “Quick”. That is about 3 operations.

In my mind it would be easier if there was a sync button instead of the drop down arrow, and clicking it would perform a quick sync. I imagine the “Log out” and “Full sync”, to be fairly uncommon actions, so they could be left out from the bottom area, and could be accessed via the file menu.

Anyway if you don’t like this suggestion, then at least the possibility to assign a shortcut (e.g. ctrl+shift+S) would also be useful.

I looked a bit, and couldn’t find any specific info on the difference between full and quick sync. It adds a bit of UI clutter to end user, not being entirely sure what the difference is, or when to use it. What’s wrong with quick sync? Is full sync more of a debug thing?

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  • Platform: Windows
  • Platform version: 10
  • App Version: 5.4.3

Hi Rael,

Thanks for the question and suggestion.
Inkdrop basically syncs data as soon as you make any change in your database.
If you’d like to immediately get your note synced without waiting for auto-save, press Ctrl-S.
The sync menu is only for when the app paused syncing for reasons like unstable network.
When you find that it is pausing, you can manually resume it by clicking the sync menu or running a command "application:sync-db".

As to the difference between ‘Quick’ and ‘Full’, the ‘Quick’ one performs data sync from the last checkpointer. On the other hand, the ‘Full’ one syncs from scratch, which is provided when the checkpointer is broken for some reason. See the following topic:

I understand that it’s a bit confusing. The full sync is just for trouble-shooting and not for usual cases. I’ll consider changing the menu structure.

Thanks, Ctrl+S is sufficient for my needs.

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