Sort notebooks


Is it possible to sort notebooks by custom order? As of right now I have to prefix the notebooks by numbers to get them sorted. Was hoping for a cleaner way.


Here is a workaround for that Manual order for Notebooks and notes - #4 by craftzdog

Thanks for your reply. However that solution seems to be for notes, not notebooks.


oh my bad, i misread that part

Hi Emil,

Thanks for the question.
Loron, thanks for letting him/her know a workaround.

Changing the order of notebooks is currently not supported.
How many notebooks do you have? Does nesting them solve the issue? If not, can you tell me why you need it?


Approx. 10 notebooks - not many. But wish to sort so the most common ones goes first.
I’m not sure how nesting would solve the issues as child-notebooks cannot be sorted either?


Yeah, I assumed that you have a lot of notebooks that can be organized by nesting some of them.
I don’t have that need myself at the moment tbh.
It’d be nice to discuss this with other people to prioritize the tasks properly when planning the next roadmap. I’m currently working on rebuilding the mobile app.