showOpenDialog opens behind the app on Linux

Recently,I start to use Inkdrop Desktop and Mobile App a lot.
Always thanks for your great development!

By the way,I found some strange behavior when using insert images.

Bug report

When I try to insert an image with Inkdrop, the Desktop app itself becomes inoperable, and for some reason, the image selection window appears under the app-window.


How to reproduce

  1. Start Inkdrop Desktop App,with only default plugin.
  2. On the Inkdrop edit screen, click the “Insert Images” button.
  3. The Desktop app itself will no longer be inoperable, and a window for selecting images will appear under the Desktop app🤔

The problem is that the image selection window always appears under the app, when I try to import an image, and it takes a extra moment to select the image.
While this is a minor issue,but it may reduce user experience a bit…


Inkdrop Version:Ver. 5.5.3
Enviroment:Ubuntu 22.04 (with X Window System(X11))
Installed with .deb package(inkdrop_5.5.3_amd64.deb)
(In devTools Console, There are no logs when this behavior ocurres.)

When I first encountered this behavior, I suspected that this behavior was environment-dependent.

  • Turn off all Gnome extensions
  • Uninstall all inkdrop plugins
  • Restart the PC itself
  • Check and compare the behavior when selecting images, files, etc. with other GUI applications (in the end, I find that this behavior occurred only with Inkdrop App)

However, this behavior was not fixed, so I reported it as a bug🐛

Thank you for reading!

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Hi Kadoma-san,

Thanks for the report.
That looks strange and it might depend on the Linux environment since it doesn’t happen on my mac.
Found a related issue on Electron that has not been resolved yet:

As a workaround, you can drag-and-drop image files from the file explorer into the editor for now.

Thanks for your reply!

Now,I have just checked the Electron Issue you indicated.:eyes:
Looking at the issue’s specifics, I can confirm that it is an Linux-dependent Electron issue rather than an Inkdrop issue.
Thank you for your quick investigation!:desert:

As a workaround,I will use drag & drop to insert the image.
If this behavior is fixed on the Inkdrop app, I will report back on this Issue!

thank you.

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Hi @kadoma-fukakusa ,

v5.6.0-beta.0 is out!
It is built with a newer version of Electron, v25.1.1.
Could you try it to see if the issue was fixed?

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Thank you for your notifying!

I tried NEW Inkdrop(beta)in Ubuntu22.04,and checked this issue.
This issue is not fixed yet…:thinking:
Peek 2023-08-29 17-13
This bug seems to be specific to the Linux environment of Electron.

too bad to hear that.
yeah it looks like the bug still resides.
I hope they will eventually fix it :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I also hope that the Electron team will eventually resolve it…( ; ›ω‹ )

By the way, NEW Inkdrop Desktop App has an incredibly fast startup speed, and it’s amazing!
It’s so fast that it almost made me flip over!
Thank you for your Great Work!

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I’m so happy you enjoy the improvement :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: