Read Only / Locked Notes

Part of the use case for inkdrop in my workflow is as a daily journal / work log.

I want to ask for a feature where I can have an easy toggle in the UI which locks a note from editing.


The way I use my journal notes, means that sometimes I don’t have an obvious clue as to which date I am in. I have accidentally changed something in an old note, thinking I was in my newer one.

I would like something that helps me prevent just casually changing a note. It would be easy to switch it off if writing to that note was interesting for example.


Hi James,

Thank you for the suggestion with the detailed explanation.
I understand why you need locking feature because I have the similar issue myself.
I guess that you don’t like the last modified date of old notes to be unexpectedly updated because that causes note list order to be messed up if you set it to sort by date updated.
In v4.7.0 beta, remembering sort & order of note list per view (all/notebook/tag/status/pins) is supported, which allows you to set sort order for each notebook.
So, you can set the order of your journal notebook to date created.
It keeps the note order even if you accidentally changed an old note.
Does that solve your issue?

Thanks for the reply. Sounds like that will also be a helpful feature! Looking forward to it!

The sort order isn’t my main concern, my concern is with not having any way to put some impedance to me changing the contents of an old note.

My work flow is: I have made a plug-in/ macro to take the latest journal note, duplicate it, change the title to today’s date and that is my new starting point for jotting notes. I usually first delete some stuff and then write some new stuff

At the beginning of this process the notes are identical except for the title. When moving fast in the past, I’ve mistaken yesterdays note for the one I want and started deleting stuff from it.

With a “locking” feature, my macro would maybe flip that flag in my old note after copying.

Then if I began editing I could imagine an alert saying something like “this note has been marked complete” are you sure you want to edit? Etc.

Does that make sense?

Did you try making a note template, instead of duplicating yesterdays note?

Yup. But then I wanted to carry forward a lot from the previous day so I have what I am looking for for the content. Just looking for a way to protect the old content a touch. Protect or make read only. :slight_smile:

I understood your workflow.
But I still don’t know locking notes is the best way to solve it.
Because the issue depends on your personal workflow.
And it might cause people to get confused when you found you can’t update a note as it is locked.
I’d like to keep it to behave consistently unless the issue is more general.

So, it’d be nice to be a plugin instead of supporting it as a built-in feature.

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I’ll see if I can put any thoughts to this and see if I can whip up a plugin. Any suggestions on a good barebones plugin chunk of code I might start from, just to cut down on some of the time :smiley:


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That’s great to hear!
You can accomplish that by accessing CodeMirror instance:

And hooking beforeChange event:

Then, if a note is older than yesterday, you can cancel the change and show a notification.

code-fold plugin would be nice as a barebones!