Save/remember sort & order settings per notebook


It would be nice to have a feature which remembers sort & order settings per notebook (eg. placed in the Notebook settings). I couldn’t find such option. What do you think @craftzdog?


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Hi b4k3r,

Thank you for the suggestion.
Yeah it’d be useful but I personally don’t need it because I mostly prefer sorting by ‘Date Created’ in descending order.

You can configure keymaps for switching the sort mode quickly with shortcuts like this:

In keymap.cson:

  'cmd-shift-y': 'view:sort-by-title'

Following commands are available for the customization:

  • view:sort-by-title
  • view:sort-by-date-created
  • view:sort-by-date-updated
  • view:sort-in-ascending
  • view:sort-in-descending

I would like to avoid adding many preferences in order to keep the app simple.
Hope it helps.

Thanks for the answer.

I would also find this feature useful.

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Hi @craftzdog,

Came here to request the feature anon69781292 was asking for. It would be tremendously useful to have a per-notebook sort/order settings. I use Inkdrop for pretty much everything and constantly have to toggle sort order between notebooks because there are use cases where order by date makes more sense (e.g. monthly todo lists) and others where sorting alphabetically would be preferred (e.g. technical knowledge base). Would greatly appreciate it if you consider putting per-notebook sorting on your roadmap.

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Thanks for the comment, @anon28227035.
Well…I’ve got the request from a lot of people.
I still don’t need it but let’s consider it to support in the future.


It is landed in v5.0.0 :tada: