Plugin Version display and Auto Update?

As of now I can’t see the version of my plugins in preferences, I’d like to see it displayed in the overview.

A notification when updates are available and a auto updater that use IPM for you would also be neat!

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As other user has already suggested:

GUI for plugins would be definitely great. But it is a lot of work. I’ll work on it after its core improvements.

I actually like IPM but I just would like to see a version next to the title which is also displayed, it seemed like a small detail to add to me. Now you need to use ipm list I guess.

A GUI for IPM would just be a nice extra but not necessary in my opinion.

Ah that makes sense.
Current version is lack of ipm integration to support it.
As I’m planning to implement the GUI for ipm, this issue will be also resolved along with it.

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Bump up. Showing a version number next to the plugin name will be supported in the next release.

FYI: @jmerle created a plugin that checks outdated plugins!



Displaying plugin version is supported in v4.6.0 :slight_smile:

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Plugin auto update is now supported in v5.0.0 :tada:
Thanks again for the feedback.

How often are plugins checked for updates? I just pushed an update to update-checker and restarted Inkdrop on my laptop, but didn’t receive the notification in the bottom left saying there is a plugin update available. I’m assuming it checks at most once per X minutes (so restarting Inkdrop 5 times in a row doesn’t cause 5 update checks), but what is X?

It checks after 10 seconds on launch. Doesn’t it work?
Also it checks immediately when showing the preferences window.

I installed your plugin update-checker@1.1.1 and got an update notification in the bottom left as expected.

I just updated from the version before v5 (no idea what the last stable version was exactly) and it didn’t check for updates 10 seconds after launch. Once I manually forced the update check in the preferences window and restarted, the update check 10 seconds after launch did happen.

I may be an isolated case here, but there may also be some state that isn’t initialized until the first manual update check in 5.0.0 is done that causes the automatic check not to run. Anyhow, it works fine now and it looks way better than the notifications my plugin was sending :+1:.

That’s strange but the auto-check logic should always run on every launch.
Perhaps ipm command failed for some reason in your case?
I’ll fix it once I found how to reproduce it.
Thanks for checking it out, Jasper!