Plugin Request - In App file linking / Upload - With Bounty!


(Frank Tank) #1

Like many other it seems, i badly need a way to link/store files or attach them to a note.
When i read the forum, i read different things: That inkdrop is no Evernote, that it is for coding only (Dont need devs to attach the occasional file or two?), that it would be to complicated to code and lead to feature creep, or that the dev doesn’t want it or need it himself.

I know there is no hope for it to become a core feature. For what ever of those many reasons above.

So i think since there is demand, lets us pledge a bounty for the dev that makes this as a plugin!
I for one would pledge 30€ as a start.

In the future, if anyone wants this feature too, please add your pledge, and/or post here so we can show the potential plugin devs that there is demand!

To craftzdog: Why not make a marketplace for plugins, where other devs can be attracted to by earning for the plugins they code? So you can concentrate on the core app, and we users benefit from a bigger plugin ecosystem, and features we badly need.

To the plugin request:
I mean a UI where i could click on an “attachment” or other button, select a file, which is them uploaded to cloud storage, or on local storage, and the link automatically inserted into the note.

For examples:
Evernote has this ability for easy linking to Google Drive files.
The competing app “Standard Notes” has a plugin like this called “FileSafe”.

I know this can be done manually, but it complicated and slows down the workflow immensely.