Pdf export crashes Inkdrop on iPad

Bug report

When trying to export notes as PDF on iPad, Inkdrop just crashes.

I tried the same process on my iPhone and it works fine there. The document flashes white (probably because the pdf has white background) and then shows an iOS context menu where I can choose to save the file.

And just to reassure, pdf export works on macOS just fine.


  • Platform: iPadOS
  • Platform version: 17.1.1
  • App Version: 5.1.0

How to reproduce

  1. Open any note
  2. Click info icon → “Export as PDF”
  3. App crashes

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Reproduced! Thanks so much for the reports, Simon :smiley:
I’ll be working on fixing each of them.

No problem, that’s the least I can do, regarding how helpful your responses in this forum and videos on YouTube were :smiley:

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It is fixed in v5.2.0 :tada: Thanks again for reporting.