Opening new window on desktop app takes a long time

I feel Inkdrop has performed well on almost all of my devices.
However, I have suffered from a long wait time to open a new window on desktop apps.
Whenever I starts up Inkdrop or clicks “Open Note in Separate Window” or opens setting, it costs me about 5 seconds to open a new window in Windows 10 and about 3 seconds in macOS.

I wonder whether this is a common issue.
If it is, do you have a plan to fix this?



  • Platform version: Mojave
  • App Version: 3.22.4


  • Platform version: Windows 10 Home
  • App Version: 3.22.4

Hi Boming,

Thank you for the report.
This is because the app is built with Electron, which usually takes time to load.
I’m currently rebuilding the desktop app as I published the roadmap. I’ll keep that in mind so that the app can launch as fast as possible.

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Thank you for the reply, Takuya.
Okay, I’m looking forward to hearing a good news. :wink:

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