App takes a while to open up on macos after cmd-W


  • Platform: (macOS/)
  • Platform version: (10.12.6 (16G29))
  • App Version: (Version 3.22.4 (3.22.4))


Usually on MacOS pressing Cmd-W puts the app to the background but keeps the process still active (Example: Slack, Evernote, Chrome, etc). However for Inkdrop when you open it, press cmd W (so it still open and in the dock), and open it again, it takes a few seconds to reload. It seems like the app is closing the process almost, so it needs to be fully reloaded. I am not sure if this is exactly what is happening, but it seems like it. Can this be fixed so reopening the app is faster?

Thank you for everything you do, inkdrop is very good

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for the suggestion.
Inkdrop unloads a window completely when closing.
Yeah it could just hide and keep loaded.

I’m currently rebuilding the app along the current roadmap. I’ll keep that in mind so that the app can reopen a main window faster.

Just a small tip:

I usually don’t use Cmd-W to close window. Instead, I press Cmd-H to hide the app windows.
It doesn’t unload windows so you can restore them very quickly.
It also works with other mac apps because it’s a macOS’s standard feature.


I would love to see the option “Hide on Close”.
This is a default behavior of almost electron based applications and users are used to click “close” and hide window instead closing (unload window).

@Gustavo_Trott :+1:

Supported in v4.0.0-beta.8. Thanks!