Nord themes are looking for a new maintainer

Hi guys. I’m nord theme developer for Inkdrop. But recently I no longer use Inkdrop. So I will archive nord theme plugins. If you want to use it, please fork this themes and maintenance.

Thanks for using !!

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Hi chocolat,

Thanks for letting me know that!
I appreciate your contribution so much.
Have a nice day.
Here are the links to his theme repositories:

For those who would be interested in maintaining the themes

Currently, these themes need to be updated to support the latest version’s design:

Hope someone will take over them.
Thanks again, chocolat!

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Hi Takuya.

Thanks to your app, I have more opportunities to take notes.
I’ll continue to root for you!

You will probably switch to a paid plan, so I deactivate my account as soon as possible.
Should I make the plugins private?

Hi @anon7311152 and @craftzdog I’d be interested in picking this up. I use the theme all the time. I’ve forked the repo and I’m going to go through and pull the latest UI master of inkdrop’s dark-ui to get all the updated build files and whatnot. Then once that is complete I will move on to support Inkdrop’s new 5.8.0 UI features.

As I go through this, @craftzdog what is the best way to handle the inkdrop plugin. Private/remove the old one and I setup a new one? It would be unfortunate if the plugin lost its statistics (downloads, etc…) not sure if we can somehow transfer ownership or if that is linked to a users account?



@anon7311152 Got it. Please let me know when you are ready!

@NotApplicable Thank you for raising your hand!

I can transfer the plugin ownership to your account so we can preserve the stats.
Let me know when you are ready to publish!


I will do that on weekend (or next weekend). I plan below.

  1. Transfer repositories on GitHub to Nick (reference)
  2. Deactivate this account

When transfer repository, I need Nick’s GitHub username.

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Hi @anon7311152 my Github is 0NotApplicable0, thank you for your hard work starting this theme. But I think you may not need to transfer ownership, as long as I have forked the repository @craftzdog should be able to transfer the plugin and I can point to the new repository? This way people will still know the original author, I plan to keep you in the package.json as well.


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@craftzdog I think all the nord themes are ready in my forked versions:

I’ve added in the new Alerts and update the build systems to match what was on the default UI. Currently it still uses less but compiles down to css. Looks like everything is working properly.

I will wait for the :+1: from both you and @anon7311152


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Great! Would you enable the Issues tab on the repositories?
I’ll migrate the ownership to you.

Absolutely, they have been turned on.

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@NotApplicable Done the migration. I think they should be ready to publish the new versions.

Alright, looks good! Glad to keep this great theme alive!

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Awesome!! :handshake:
Thanks for updating them, Nick.

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I found that the styles for the preview are included in the UI theme:

“gfm-alerts.css” and “metadata-section.css” should be only included in the preview theme.
Can you fix it?

Sure, not sure how those got in there.

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@craftzdog @NotApplicable
Thanks for migrating! I’ll leave future maintenance to you guys :wave: