New beta bugs on windows

First themes dont work anymore (vibrant-dark-ui)

and rounded edge for the main window not working

defuelt theme lock wired
platform : windows 11
imge for the app :

and text lock wired to forget to say it

Hey vizkex,

The acrylic window effect does not work on v5.6.0 as we discussed here

I will be updating if the patch has been landed in the stable channel of the Electron releases.

sorry bro but i dont understand why the edge for the screen brokn and my courser color is green and the app has 3 themes in the seam time i know its beta by the app keep updating its self how can i stop it and wait for stable release

the edge for the screen broken

Again, it does not work on Windows. You should disable the acrylic background option

my courser color is green

You are using the Vim plugin