Markdown file types for importing

Bug report

When importing a markdown file, the application expects for the file to have the extension .md, I have all of my markdown files with the extension .mkd as VIM has set the extension .md to another format by default.


  • Platform: GNU/Linux
  • Platform version: Fedora 31
  • App Version: 4.5.2


  1. Go to File>Import>From Markdown files...
  2. In a directory only files with the .md suffix are visible and not the ones having the .mkd suffix.


My current workaround is to temporarily rename the files to import them and then rename them to their original filename.

Hi Nicole,

Sorry for the delay! I forgot to reply it.
It’d be nice to add All Files (*.*) filter to the import dialog!


Thanks for the suggestion.

Fixed in v4.6.0 :tada: