Linux installation via package manager

(Dan Bohea) #1

Is Inkdrop available as a Snap app or via a package manager such as APT yet? I’m keen to automate the setup of my system as much as possible and installing Inkdrop via a .deb file isn’t ideal.

(Takuya Matsuyama) #2

Hi Dan,

Thank you for the suggestion and sorry for the delay for that!
I’m planning to provide Snap package.
I have to check if it works correctly on several distributions.

I’m currently working on rebuilding the desktop app and I would like to support it from its version.


@Dan_Bohea there is a Arch package for it:

(Parker Johansen) #4

@craftzdog can correct me if I’m wrong, but my understanding is that it’s up to us as users to get inkdrop into package managers for various distros as he can’t be expected to support all of them. (Something like snap is different, but he addressed that above)

As @Sceptic mentioned, there is a package for arch in the aur that I co-maintain. If you have the experience (or even the willingness to learn), you could do something similar as a PPA for Ubuntu or COPR for Fedora.

I would do so myself, but I don’t run either of those on a daily basis, so I wouldn’t trust myself to maintain it.

(Takuya Matsuyama) #5

Yes, it’s impossible to provide inkdrop on every package manager. I would like to distribute it via PPA and COPR but I guess it’s kind of hard to maintain.
That’s why I decided to provide a snap package which would deliver the app on any distros.
But I still can’t believe that the app installed via snap will work correctly so I need to check that on several distros (Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.).
You can continue to maintain a package for arch in the aur.
I appreciate your contribution!