iOS Feature idea : share a link to Inkdrop

Hey there :slight_smile:

I just thought about a feature for mobiles apps, which I think could be very useful for a lot of people : a capture tool for Inkdrop.

I mean by that to be able to share a webpage or anything else (with a link, like a Twitter thread or something else) with Inkdrop to save it for later, like it’s done in the Second Brain methodology.

I’m not an adept of Second Brain, but the capture phase is interesting and I think it would be profitable for most people on the go.

Here’s how I imagine it : you can define an ‘inbox’ for all shared things, like an Inbox notebook. Each time you share something with Inkdrop (I mean the sharing menu on mobile, see the screenshot), it creates a new note with the link in the content. Maybe it also creates a title based on the title of the page/post/etc…

Thanks anyway for your amazing work!

Hi Jimy,

Thanks for the suggestion.
Yeah, that’s something I want myself, too.
In the ‘research’ phase that I talked about in the last video, I often find useful pieces of information while on the phone.

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Started working on it