Act as share target on Android

Would be useful if Inkdrop could register as a share target on Android. This would greatly speed up the creation of notes from existing content on Android.

For example, to store a link to a website open in a browser the current process is:

  1. Click “Share” button in browser.
  2. Select “Copy to clipboard”
  3. Open Inkdrop
  4. Click “New note”
  5. Paste copied text into note content
  6. Extract title for webpage from pasted text and move to note title.
  7. Save.

If Inkdrop could act as a share target this would become:

  1. Click Share button in browser.
  2. Select “Create Note In Inkdrop”
  3. See confirmation of created note.




Hi Martin,

Thank you for the request.
Yeah, it’d be great that you can easily clip webpages.
But I’m afraid that clipping webpages is tricky because it has to convert HTML into Markdown, unlike Evernote.
So clipped webpages will be usually broken and hard to read.
Instead, I’d like to focus on improving the editor as I wrote in the current roadmap.



To be clear, I’m not requesting the clipping of webpages like Evernote.

What I am after is a quicker method to create a note that simply has a link to a webpage. For example, a note like:

Title: Receiving Simple Data from Other Apps | Android Developers

This should be possible by making Inkdrop a share target on Android.

This is useful if I want to just make a note quickly about a page I am viewing and them come back to it later.

Currently it is a very manual process (as outlined in original request).




Ah sorry, I misunderstood your request.
Thanks for the link.
It’s a feature just like sharing a link to Twitter.
Yeah, that’s possible and would be great.

Let me consider about this after having finished the current roadmap!



Big +1 for this feature request.

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Any update on this? Looking for a basic text share - like links. Or to save images like receipts.

No. I’m working on other features right now.
Let me discuss about supporting it when planning the next roadmap.

Started working on it

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