[iOS Beta 5.0.0 (18)] Bug: Pasting URL / Link doesn't work

Bug report

Pasting a link from the browser (from browser address bar or share menu) into an Inkdrop note doesn’t work. Only when copying a link from within the HTML website, then it pastes it as markdown correctly. But I often save article URLs from the web and currently it’s not possible on the mobile beta.

I tested on Safari & Firefox.

Maybe it has to do with the new feature that allows HTML to be pasted as markdown, but somehow pasting only a simple URL (not HTML) doesn’t work anymore.

I’m using an iPhone 13 Pro.


  • Platform: iOS
  • Platform version:16.3
  • App Version: 5.0.0 (18)

How to reproduce

  • Copy URL (from browser address bar or share menu)
  • Paste URL into Inkdrop note

:iphone::record_button: Screen recording download:


Hi F_M,

Thanks for the report.
Yes, I’m aware of that and already fixed it.
I will roll it out this week!

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It should be resolved in build 20. Thanks again for the report!

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Amazing, it works now, Thank You! :blush: