Inkdrop is the best markdown based note-taking app available. Period

I am an avid note-taker and productivity nerd and have used note-taking applications ever since Evernote was first released in 2004. Apart from Evernote, I’ve also used WikidPad, Onenote, Simplenote, Notion, Joplin, Notable and many others over the years.

A few years ago I settled on markdown as my format of choice, and initially aimed for raw markdown files synced between devices using Dropbox. I soon ran into the issues of file and folder organisation, lack of tagging, search and lack of consistent experience across mobile and desktop platforms.

Notable and Joplin try to solve these problems, but not nearly as elegantly or reliably as Inkdrop. I believe I have finally found the best system for managing markdown notes across multiple platforms with full support for notebooks and tags, with a consistent experience across all platforms, and E2EE as a bonus. I hope Inkdrop gains many more customers and you are able to support this excellent product for many years to come.

Well done Takuya!


I second this. I used Marxico for a long time, which stores the markdown files in Evernote, but never missed it since I use Inkdrop. Great tool.

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Thank you, @Derrick_Wheals and @Mike :heart_eyes:
I’ll keep focusing on providing the consistent experience across platforms!

Hi @Derrick_Wheals, I’m super curious about your reasoning between Notion vs. Inkdrop. I definitely LOVE Inkdrop, but found Notion to be a clean, powerful note taking tool as well. The main thing that’s holding me back is Notion does not support the “three column view” – there’s no way to list all pages under a parent page in a separate panel and quickly switch among them. Interested to know your thoughts!