Inkdrop freezes frequently after installing vim plugin


When I am writing with the vim plugin, inkdrop freezes frequently.
I don’t know how to reproduce the problem, but do you have any similar inquiries?


  • Platform: macOS
  • Platform version: Catalina/10/15.7
  • App Version: 5.5.1


I do not know the specific conditions.
It seems to happen often after pasting, but it also happens sometimes when editing normally.
However, waiting a few dozen seconds resolves it.

Hi Hiroya,

Thanks for the report. That’s weird.
I use it every day but I don’t have such an issue at the moment.
Do you mean you don’t get the issue without vim plugin?
Is that something to do with Japanese IME?

Thanks for the reply.

It does not occur when the vim plugin is disabled.

As you say, the Japanese IME is suspect.
I may have been doing something like the following

  • Input using Japanese IME in insert mode
  • Change to normal mode with Japanese IME
  • Perform operations such as hjkl with Japanese IME
  • Disable Japanese IME
  • Freeze when trying to perform operations such as hjkl

I’d like to see how it goes a little more.

Which IME are you using? The macOS built-in one?

Yes, I use the macOS built-in one.

Thanks for the information.
I’m using Google Japanese Input but have never got such an issue so far.
Perhaps, it is related to this topic:

You mentioned that the app freezes after disabling Japanese IME.
So, I guess the IME would not be causing the issue. I don’t know at the moment.
Does it happen with Google IME?

Freezing with hjkl sounds weird.
They are just cursor motion operations, so nothing should block the UI.
If you found any ‘patterns’ to reproduce the issue, please let me know.