Import Markdown gives blank characters in dialog box

Bug report

I’m brand new to Inkdrop (coming from Bear). I want to import my markdown notes (or direct from Bear if possible). Using the app on my Manjaro laptop, I clicked the File > Import > from Markdown files …

After selecting the notebook, I get a dialog box that I assume is for selecting the file. However, all of the text is missing, replaced by empty boxes. I’m assuming this means a font availability error but don’t know how to fix it if it is on my end. I’m assuming its an app or plugin error.

If this is a noob error, please forgive me.


  • Platform: Manjaro
  • Platform version: 4.14.199-1-MANJARO
  • App Version: 5.1.1


File > Import > from Markdown files …
select Notebook
dialog box to select file … error here.

Hi Rich,

Thank you for reporting it.
It looks like a similar issue with this, please check out:

It is an Electron’s issue but a workaround is not found at the moment, unfortunately.

I verified my locale and it shows en_US.utf8.

Apparently this is an issue across a variety of apps on Linux (irrelevant of the flavor) if Electron is part of the mix. I haven’t found a solution.

I ended up borrowing a Windows PC for a bit, installing Inkdrop and copying in the files. I have a lot more to copy but at least this approach is easier than individually copying each note.

Check the linked thread, I just posted how I managed to fix it there.

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