Icons for Notebooks?


I am new to Inkdrop and I remember things more visually than by text, and from my experimentation, I can use emojis in Notebook titles, but I was wondering if there was a way to select an Icon via the app to show to the left of a notebook title. Looking at the DOM of the side bar, it appears that there is a <i> tag for an Icon, but it is empty. Is there a way, or a future plan, to support the selection of icon from a pre-set group, or to specify your own, for each notebook?

Thank you!

Hi Ryanlutgen,

Thanks for the suggestion.
Yeah, it’d be nice to have.
Emojis look different on platforms, so if I were to implement this feature, I’d like to add built-in SVG icons.

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I’m currently working on this roadmap.
It’ll be discussed once finished it.


Thank you for taking the time to consider this.

I have noticed, like in the topic you linked, on previous platforms I have used, emojis are inconsistent and result in odd sorting behavior. From my limited understanding of React/Javascript, I was able to see that Inkdrop does integrate font-awesome. I was exploring what icons were available from font-awesome with CSS classes; I might be able to explore what I can maybe do with that.

Thank you!

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