Ignore emoji when sorting

Items are sorted alphabetically, that’s fine since it’s deterministic.

I like to prefix my notes, tags, and books with emojis.
That alters the sorting, however.

Since Emoji’s have no logical ordering, they should just be ignored when sorting the data.

Maybe you can remove the emoji-codepoints from the string, trim it and then sort?

Thanks for the great app.


Hi ToLa,

Thank you for the suggestion.
Yes, notebooks and tags on the sidebar are sorted alphabetically.
This is intended behavior.
Prefixing notebooks and tags with emojis sounds a personal preference but interesting.
Perhaps, some people may use them to move some notebooks to the top.
Let me carefully consider if there are unexpected side-effects.
Ignoring emojis in notes is hard as it requires changing the indices.

hah, I use them a lot for tags, I think it messes with it as well. Actually many apps handle this by letting you assign a separate emoji for each item, like MS To Do. Not suggesting you should do that @craftzdog, but it may be more common than you think.

Supporting to assign a separate emoji would be nice. Thanks