How to configure the Android app to sync with my own server

I am trying to set up my own sync server for my Android device, but I could not find the menu on my mobile app ( like Preferences β†’ Synchronization).

So, how to configure the mobile app to sync with my own server?

app version: v5.0.0(14)

Check out this guide here: Synchronizing in the Cloud

The option to input your CouchDB server on your device can be found in: Preferences β†’ Synchronization β†’ Advanced (CouchDB)

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Hi @joe_fu,
unfortunately, this functionality is not yet available in the beta version of the mobile app.

In order to integrate your own hosted database on an Android/mobile device, you will unfortunately have to use the β€œold” app.

For more information on the status of the beta version of the mobile app (v5), please refer to this announcement.


Okay, It looks like that I just have to be patient for the release.

Thank you two.

Syncing with a custom CouchDB database is now supported as of build 20.

Go to Settings β†’ Data Synchronization


Awesome job!! :+1: