Global hotkey to create a new note in a separate window

I have used Evernote before trying Inkdrop and missing a very important feature. Imagine that you are reading a website or watching a video when you get a brilliant idea! You want to take a note before the idea disappears.

In Evernote: Press a global shortcut ++N and you get a window with the new note (something similar to “Open in separate window”)

In Inkdrop I have to:

  1. Use a global shortcut like ++X to focus the main window
  2. Press +N
  3. Tight-click on the note to open it in a separate window
  4. Move it to the workspace where I was operating on

I have tried to configure open-note-in-separate-window as a global shortcut but without success:

  'cmd-shift-x': 'application:show-and-focus-main-window'
  'cmd-shift-s': 'core:open-note-in-separate-window'

Is there a way to configure Inkdrop to have a similar behavior to evernote?

Hi Izdor,

Thanks for the question.
The global keymaps are not handled in an app window but in the main process. That’s why it won’t work.
So, the behavior has to be implemented in the app itself.
It’e be nice to have a command like application:quick-note.

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Now supported in v5.5.0:tada: