Error when using the emojisense plugin to use emojis

Bug report

Hello, I would like to use the emojisense extension, the creator is @ebigram . But when trying to use it, it throws me the following error


I appreciate your comments.


  • Platform: Windows
  • Platform version: 11
  • App Version: Inkdrop 5.5.3

How to reproduce

Installing the plugin, when activating it, the error pops up in an alert at the bottom right.

Hey, thank you for bringing this to my attention. I’ve been AFK for a while due to health issues, so I suspect this is a regression/compatibility error with the latest Inkdrop version since I haven’t had a chance to update the plugin for a while, but will make this a priority as soon as I’m back. If not, will try to shamelessly recruit my illustrious partner in crime @Ryan_McQuen to take over (who never has anything better to do anyway :smile:).



It’s broken since v5.5.0 due to the update of Electron.

You can simply replace require('electron').remote to require('@electron/remote') to fix the issue.

Feel better, @ebigram!


Thank you for your attention, I will be on the lookout for the correction.

@ebigram , I hope he recovers soon.

Hi @anon87683046, can you try the latest version please?

Thank all for the well wishes, feel embarrassed since it is such an easy/obvious fix, but sometimes that is the nature with chronic illness (!). I will try to be available here for the time being.


It works wonderfully, thank you very much. :smile: