Embed github gists

I have some gists in my github account and I would like to embed them into my notes. Is there any way to do it.

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Welcome to the community. You will not find a friendlier developer to chat with! :slight_smile: . Oh and great idea, how were you imagining that they would be displayed. Obviously you can just paste the link there…are you imagining that it would render the contents in a code block?

Looks like there is some possibilities for this. Are you thinking of wanting to include Markdown or code samples?

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Thank you James.

Hi Shashank,

Thank you for the question.
GitHub requires inserting <script> tag to embed gists.
I’m afraid that embedding external web content is only supported via iframe by default.
But it’s possible to do that by making a plugin.
You have to extend Markdown renderer as TOC plugin does.


I am not a Javascript developer. If there is a plugin which you can help me with, will be great. I am looking for something similar to what hugo does.

Any update on this??

Hi, sorry for the delay.

I’m working on it. WIP:

Not published yet.

Basically I don’t recommend embedding external contents.
You should always use codeblocks as possible if you would take notes.

A reason why I made this plugin is for embedding rich contents like Tweets and YouTube videos.

Note that there are some limitations on using it.
External contents are not possible to support printing or exporting by design as they are loaded asynchronously.
And be sure that you can’t search embedded contents.

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Published as v0.1.0🎉


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