Display Sub Notebooks when Focussed on Notebook

(James Seigel) #1

Small request

If I have a notebook hierarchy as follows:
(Journal Notebook):
–> (Doodles Notebook)
–> (Days)

Where “Doodles” and “Days” are sub notebooks of journal. When Focussed on the “Journal Notebook” it would be good to be able to see and navigate to the sub notebooks from the side panel here

even if you don’t SHOW the notes from the sub-notebooks as I think is being suggested in this related request.

(Takuya Matsuyama) #2

Hi James,

Thank you for the suggestion.
That sounds nice to have. So the notebook filter menu works like a project menu.
It would also solve this issue:

I’m interested in adding this feature.
Let me think carefully about it.