Different checkbox types

Hi, y’all! Pretty new to Inkdrop but loving it so far. There’s just one sticking point that’s above my paygrade.

I’m hoping someone would be interested in building a plugin to style different types of checkboxes for different task statuses, e.g.:

- [ ] open task
- [x] completed task
- [@] delegated
- [<] scheduled
- [>] deferred

With different types of tasks, I could search based on when and how they need to be done. When doing focused work, I can narrow it down to - [ ]. When following-up with different members of my team, - [@]. Looking for tasks that were on the back burner, but now I have time? - [>]. etc.

I understand this would probably cause issues for the progress bar, but for my purposes at least, anything other than - [ ] would count as “done”.

Would love to find someone with the skill to implement this, but also open to work-around ideas. Thanks!

This sounds pretty interesting and I could see myself using similar in my workflows.

I don’t think I have the skills to implement it but I’m curious if this is something you know is a feature in other pieces of software with check-boxes. If so do you have an example of what does it look like to use from the user’s point of view? Handling the markdown and code is all good but having some UI to support it in the rendered view would probably also be a good idea.

Obsidian supports any single character between square brackets, but I use a custom snippet to render different icons within the boxes in preview mode:


If Inkdrop could recognize different characters within the brackets, I could do the styling myself, but that’s as far as my skills go.

It sounds like xit.

Remark (the Markdown parser) doesn’t recognize the custom checkboxes by default, so you have to extend it.