[conflicted] all the time

Bug report

Anytime I write on my iPhone creates a conflict [conflicted] title. Quite frustrating. Do I have a wrong setting or the sync process is far from perfect?


  • Platform: (Windows/iOS/)
  • Platform version: (Windows 10 Enterprise)
  • App Version: (3.25.4)


My desktop app is running. When I extend a note, it creates a conflict. Not always. I do not know the root cause, but I have plenty of conflicts. I won’t use or recommend the product. It seems [conflicted] notes are the same as normal ones. I have no nerve to check the difference with software. Let me know if it is something typical and has a solution. I was not able to find the search the forum field so it might be duplication. I have left Simplenote because there was a sync issue: they were unable to position the cursor properly. Here I have [conflicts] all the time.

Hi Sandor,

Thank you for the report.
That’s weird.
Conflicts only occur when you edited the same note on multiple clients at the same time.
If you are getting conflicts in spite of editing a note only on your iPhone, it might be a bug.
But I can’t reproduce that at the moment.
Please let me know if you found any information to reproduce the issue.

Hi Matsuyma,

(We Hungarians have the same rule as you Japanese guys by writing our “firts” names last. We Hungarians reverse the order in English I do not know why, but I do not know your habit on that. So my name is Brecsok Sándor the family name is Brecsok and my personal name is Sandor. How is it on your side? I hope my salutation is ok)

My app on my MAC is offline and I have the “certificate has expired Please check your system configuration or report the problem.” error message. What should I do? *

Hi Brecsok,

Yep, Japanese people prefer calling the last name with -san suffix, like ‘Matsuyama-san’.
Interesting to know that Hungarians have a similar habit.
However, when speaking English, I like being called my first name as it sounds friendly.

It’s been already fixed. Please check out the following thread:

All you have to do is to download the latest version: https://my.inkdrop.app/download