Blank screen from search on filter of Installed plugins

Bug report

Blank screen appears once searching an installed plugin from filter bar.


  • Platform: macOS
  • Platform version: BigSur 11.7.10
  • App Version: 5.8.1

How to reproduce

  • Preferences > Plugins
  • Click “Filter”, and start typing any word.

Hi Bundit,

Thanks for the report.
Do you mean missing a blank slate, or do you get a broken screen?
If it is broken, can you share an error on Developer Console by pressing Cmd-Alt-I?

I’ve got the blank screen from search result:

There are two errors discovered from developer console:

  1. TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘toLowerCase’)
      if (stringified === '[object Object]') {
          // catch stringify errors and fallback to [object Object]
          try {
            stringified = JSON.stringify(arg);
          } catch (e) {}

        accum["[" + i + "]"] = stringified;
        return accum;
      }, {
        severity: method.indexOf('group') === 0 ? 'log' : method
      }), 'log');
      original.apply(console, args);
  1. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘toLowerCase’)
function jg(){if(!gg&&null!==eg){gg=!0;var a=0,b=C;try{var c=eg;for(C=1;a<c.length;a++){var d=c[a];do d=d(!0);while(null!==d)}eg=null;fg=!1}catch(e){throw null!==eg&&(eg=eg.slice(a+1)),ac(fc,jg),e;}finally{C=b,gg=!1}}return null}var kg=[],lg=0,mg=null,ng=0,og=[],pg=0,qg=null,rg=1,sg="";function tg(a,b){kg[lg++]=ng;kg[lg++]=mg;mg=a;ng=b}

Thanks for the detailed information.

toLowerCase is invoked when filtering the plugins by their “name” and “description” fields.
So, there might be plugins that don’t have “name” or “description” field in their package.json.
Can you please check your installed plugins? You can find plugins in <USER_DIRECTORY>/packages/:

The app assumes that plugins have these fields but it would be nice to check if they exist.

Thanks for the sharing this report source.

@Ben_Jonson Which plugin caused the issue?

Hi Takuya,

I could not find anything wrong my installed plugins missing either name or description fields. You can check out from my check result.

BTW, I can use a search on “Install” menu under “Plugins”, except “filter” inside “Plugins”.

Thank you,

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Thanks for checking! Yeah, they look fine.
Anyway, I’ll fix the part that uses toLowerCase.
I’ll let you know when publishing the next version.