Black window on sharing in 5.6.0 beta 1

When I try to share a note on 5.6.0 beta, I get a black overlay and nothing else happens (the window is not possible to close; the Esc key is not working etc.). I have to close the app by right-clicking on the taskbar and then restart Inkdrop.

Inkdrop version 5.6.0 beta 1 (I tried with default themes, acrylic fx disabled and all plugins disabled)
on Windows 11

This function was working fine in the previous beta.

My screen (window) after clicking on “Share on Web…”

Thank you, Martin.
Got it to reproduce! Will fix it soon

should be fixed in Inkdrop Desktop v5.6.0 beta.2 :raised_hands:

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Yes, it works again! Thank you very much for fix and for great app :+1:

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