Any chance of making this open source?


The product is beautiful. Believe me I have used Obsidian, Roam and Logseq. The default dark mode is better than all of the hyped apps. I believe in the maker of Inkdrop. I know you will continue to build and support the application till you are capable of doing it. I just wanted to know if you have any plans to make it open source or share it with another developer who you believe will continue to build it incase you got sick or something like that. Sorry this might be a very rude question. But by giving a satisfying answer you will inspire people to believe in the products of other solo developers which is great for the society.

Hi Sachin,

Thanks for the question.
I’m not planning to open-source my project.
For more detail, please check out the following topic here:

The answer is strangely satisfying and honest. You can’t focus with the thought of keeping it forever. I can understand. Keep doing the great work.

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