What happens if Takuya is gone


I recently started testing Inkdrop and I really like the app: I have to say on the surface it doesn’t look like anything special, just another markdown editor, but in reality, it’s a joy to use and the plugin system takes it to a whole different level…so kudos to Takuya for building such a lovely tool!

I am currently using and paying for Obsidian, which is great and very well thought out, but somehow, I can’t seem to integrate it in my daily routine. Maybe it’s because I feel like I’m not taking advantage of its full potential, and I should build my digital garden, but then I need to organise things, and it becomes a project of its own. Inkdrop on the other hand makes me want to jump in and start writing.

Probably the things which is making me a bit hesitant is the syncing system and the fact that this is a one man show:

  • Syncing: it works great, not doubts about it! however I don’t love the proprietary format (even though it’s very well documented and I could parse it even if the app went away). I’d rather it be a basic folder with .md files, but I understand CouchDB makes life easier for Takuya, so I get it and respect it.
  • One man show: you know the hit by a bus thing (or maybe just getting bored and letting the app die, which is more likely), what would happen to Inkdrop? I understand I could sync to my own CouchDB server, but what would happen to the app? would it still work? what if nobody maintained the billing system?

I think a partial solution might be to have a plugin continuously export to a Folder+.md format, would this be possible? If so, I might look into this.

Really, I’m not trying to be negative: I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks and like it so much I’m already worried it might go away!

Thanks Takuya! You did a great job with this!

Hi Michele,

Thanks for the question. I’m happy to know you enjoy Inkdrop so far.

Basically, you can’t expect any apps will not disappear, even if they were by GAFAM or VC-backed unicorn companies. They suddenly sunset their apps for various reasons.
So, I can’t promise Inkdrop will continue forever to be honest.
Also, I can’t keep running while thinking about what if I stopped running. That distracts my focus and motivation.

To answer your question: You can make a custom plugin based on the export-as-markdown plugin to accomplish what you want:

Or, I guess it’s also possible to make a tool to convert the backup JSON files to .md files since the file format is pretty simple as you mentioned:

As the backup continuously updates the files, you can watch the backup folder.

Hope that helps.

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