[Android] Editor hold to select interferes with gesture navigation

Bug report

When you navigate back using gesture navigation on Android the editor seems to think that you’re holding your finger and triggers a selection, this hover happens AFTER the navigation has been triggered. This means that if you use the navigation to close the keyboard it just opens right back up again afterwards and if you use it to go back out the the notes list then it manages to select something in the now closed editor.


  • Platform: Android
  • Platform version: 14
  • App Version: v5.2.0 (87)

How to reproduce

  1. Ensure gesture navigations are on
  2. Open a note
  3. Use gesture navigation to go back

Hi Magnus,

Thanks for the report. Yeah, that’s annoying.
The app calls blur to unfocus the editor when closing it but it won’t work on Android for some reason.
I need to find a workaround for it :thinking:

I’m planning to upgrade React Native and other dependencies to the latest version. Let’s see if it still happens with them.