Ability to type in preview window

I recently tried out Typora, another markdown editor. While it lacks a lot of features that I love in Inkdrop, one feature that I liked was being able to type in the preview window. It still required the user to enter markdown, but didn’t require a separate syntax pane for markdown entry. I think that this option would be useful for things like taking notes in meetings and such, where there isn’t a need to see the code structure.

Hi Matt,

Thank you for the feature request.
Typora has a great WYSIWYG-like editor and I understand it’s useful for some people.
However I’m afraid that Inkdrop would focus on its plain Markdown editor.
What makes Typora different from others is its hybrid editor because they have worked very hard on it.
I will need the same efforts for the same feature, but I wouldn’t.
The core value of Inkdrop is its plain Markdown editor.

Thanks again for the suggestion!