A few questions on tags (perhaps a feature refinement request)

Tags features

edit: I just noticed quite powerful plugin system. I’m inclined to implement the features mentioned below if the API exposes sufficient methods.

1. Tree structure

I couldn’t find information whether I can organise my notes as a tree structure using tags in the following way.

As an example, lets say I would like to create a note after visiting Santa Maria Maggiore basilica during my holidays in Rome in April 2020. I want to give this note the following tags

  • /timeline/2020/04/24
  • /places/europe/italy/rome
  • /topics/antiques/buildings/basilicas

Now, instead of seeing those tags as a flat view, I’d like to be able to see them in a tree view like so


The tree tags suggestion allows user to create their own structure of knowledge without having certain paradigms (i.e. notebooks/status) hardcoded in the UI.

Another important issue would be that once you have many tags (which I do), the view becomes difficult to navigate if I’m unable to fold the upper-level categories.


The tags organisation proposed above makes Status and Notebooks redundant because I could simply add tags such as /status/done or /notebooks/personal.

2. Tags in markdown

I’d also very much like to be able to define tags directly in the markdown. That could be done by using curly braces {/places/europe/rome}, specific prefix #t:/places/europe/rome, double square brackets [[/places/europe/rome]] or any other syntax.


In my opinion the markdown note should be self-contained, that is, I should be able to copy it including vital metadata such as tags.


  • Platform: macOS/iOS
  • Platform version: irrelevant (not-a-bug-report)
  • App Version: latest

Hi What_ever,

Thanks for the questions.
There is an existing topic on nested tags here, please check it out:

Thanks for the link. So I understand that it’s a “no” for the nested tags (workspaces feature is different in that regard for two reasons, one is that a note can have only 1 workspace and the other one is that deleting a workspace deletes the notes). What about the other feature?

How extensible is that feature through plug-ins? My rough guess is that changing the UI would only work on desktops versions and I’m not sure if I there are events such as “onNoteEdit” or “on[Before|After]NoteSave” to parse the body and extract tags from it?

Right, workspaces don’t cover every use case.

Inkdrop doesn’t want to add app-specific syntaxes such as wiki-like links or tags so that your notes are portable and compatible with other Markdown tools. That is the core concept of the app.

Regarding the API, you can extend the syntax like wiki_links plugin (not official) does. It’d be a good example of your purpose.
Yes, extending the UI is only possible on the desktop version. Apple or Google won’t allow that.
Check out the database API for change events:

How to extend the UI: