Feature refinement: Tag groups / nested tags

With time I see the number of my tags growing out of proportion and eventually cease to be useful. To prevent this I would appreciate to have a feature in Inkdrop to sort my tags into groups. With tag groups we could have folders with descriptive names in the sidebar that would extend to show a list of similar tags. I think you get the idea. Any chance to see something like that in the future?

Regards, Hoopy

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Hi Hoopy,

As always, thank you for the suggestion.

Evernote and OmniFocus have exactly what you want.
However, in my experience, tag groups won’t work for managing notes.
I tried it on Evernote and OmniFocus but failed.
It is too annoying to manage tags.
The best way I found to solve this problem is to simplify them.
I guess you have some tags that have only a few notes.
You can remove them.

I completely disagree. Nested tags are a must. When you really start to archive and organize huge amounts of information you need a proper tagging. The current state of tags is no good. Inkdrop UX gets polluted easily with a large list of tags on the left. If you have nested tags you can collapse them down to the root tags and then navigate down to the detail.
Nested tags are very important. But the management of nested/tags in the gui needs to be proper solved. In CinaNotes as example is tagging solved very well.

That does not mean that nested tags are only a solution.
You mentioned that number of tags will be a lot and they pollute tag list.
I agree with that point.
That’s because you will get many project-depended tags as you make more notebooks.
If we got nested tags support, you have to manage more tags to manage tags themselves.
That does not make sense.
So, managing nested tags are annoying, distractive and time-wasting.
Instead, I propose ‘workspace’ feature as I introduced here:


You can view only tags within a notebook including its children on sidebar.
It helps you manage multiple projects while maintaining tag list clean.
This feature is currently tested in beta.

Workspace view feature is now supported in v5.0.0 :tada: