A few feature requests

Great desktop client. It’s clean, responsive and makes note taking quick and productive.

But here are some recommendations/suggesstions

On the desktop app:

  1. When right clicking on a highlighted text, add the option to replace it hyperlink from the clipboard.
  2. And/or when pasting a link, automatically recognize it as a hyperlink, place the link within the brackets () and place the cursor in the square brackets to immediately start typing the name of the hyperlink. And generally more auto-complete features such as the double brackets or double $$ for math mode.
  3. New line command (\) in math mode is not recognized.
  4. Clicking on links edit mode does not work, perhaps ctrl+click on link while on edit mode?
  5. Object blocks (math specifically) become WYSIWYG to reduce clutter, and go into edit mode when double clicking. Or maybe a complete WYSIWYG mode in the future?

The mobile version is lacking tbh and note extremely useful, especially if the note already contains to do lists, images and equations.

So on Mobile:

  1. Can the packages be ported as well? Equations don’t render on mobile
  2. Ability to paste images on mobile? This is really a great feature for when taking a screen shot of something or a picture then pasting it and writing notes on it.
  3. The to-do boxes don’t respond to ticks (on android at least).
  4. If there is a way to access the raw md files on mobile from 3rd party apps, that would be convenient, while keeping the cloud sync through inkdrop.

Hi Ali,

Thank you for the suggestions!

For the desktop app:

  1. It’d be nice to have, but personally I haven’t ever want it so I’d like to know other people want it, too.
  2. It’d be nice to be a plugin, because some other people may not like getting a text automatically converted when you paste. Also you can improve the math plugin or create new one for the autocomplete feature.
  3. The math plugin is based on Katex, so I’m afraid that the syntax may not match your requirements. Please report it to the community.
  4. You can open links by double-clicking in the editor.
  5. The WYSIWYG editor is comfortable for some people indeed but unfortunately it is not planned to be implemented because it would break a lot of consistencies of experiences for editing Markdown. I’d like to focus on developing it as a plain text Markdown editor.

For the mobile app:

First, as I wrote in the current roadmap, the mobile version will have a lot of improvements planned.

  1. Math and other Markdown extensions would be great to support also on mobile. I need to think of the best way to approach this for now.
  2. Yes, of course, we need it. Please see the roadmap.
  3. Yes, it’ll be supported.
  4. The exporting feature is also planned to be supported.

I appreciate your kind suggestions.
To keep it simple and clean, it’s a hard to say yes for all your suggestions but I’m trying to do my best.

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No worries, they’re just minor suggestions. Probably the ability to paste images on mobile is really key.

Thanks for mentioning Katex, I now know where to go for reference.

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