YAMLParseError - Unexpected scalar at node end at line 2, column 13

Hello, I’m having an error after installing the latest version:


Bug report


  • Platform: Windows
  • Platform version: Windows 10 Enterprise
  • App Version: 5.6.2

How to reproduce

Install the app either through the installer or via the zip file. I have previously had Inkdrop installed and used Add/Remove programs to get a clean install.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the report.
Can you please share your keymap.cson? It looks like the app failed to convert it into json.
I suspect that you use tabs in the file. You can replace them with spaces.

Here are the contents of keymap.cson.

'.CodeMirror textarea':

I tried renaming that file to keymap.cson.x and the app is loading now, that file replaced with keymap.json.

Thanks for your help.

Indenting with four spaces would be invalid in YAML and I guess that’s why it doesn’t work.
Good to hear it is solved!

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