Would love to own this app permanently - One time payment

Hi Takuya Matsuyama,

This is a wonderful app and I would love it even more if it was possible to buy the app permanently!

Even if the permanent license was around 200$ I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it, so please consider this as an option. I have never been a fan of subscription services and it would be sad if that is the only reason not to use this app.

Keep up with the great youtube videos and have a nice day!

With best regards

Hi Maximiliam,

Thanks for the suggestion.
As I explained in the pricing page, it’s a business decision for me as a solo developer.
I’m not planning to provide lifetime pricing for sustainability reasons.
If I were to provide that, it forces me to release a major version each year and requires you for buying another license for the upgrade, which I assume that you don’t want.