Word counter

I’m a writer, and Inkdrop is fantastic for me, save for one glaringly missing feature: a word counter. Unless I’ve missed something, there appears to be no built-in functionality, no plugins, and no roadmap plans for it.

For starters, I’d be grateful if there were simply a basic function for counting words in a note, but eventually I’d like to see something a little more powerful that included estimating reading time (with adjustable wpm settings) and readability statistics.

I’d be thrilled if this worked on both notes and notebooks, too. In many cases, I am treating notebooks as the “novel” and notes as the “chapters” of that novel. I’d love to be able to see word count stats for both.

Hi Quinn,

Thank you for the suggestion.
Yes, it is not supported or planned at the moment.
It’d be nice to be a plugin.
I’ll share it on our Discord server so that it can get attention from other plugin developers.

Here is some good regex for word counting:

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