Wonderful App! Well worth the money!

There are other apps of this type that are cross-platform (and I’ve used many of them in the last several years since finding Markdown), but none as polished, feature-rich, and syncable as Inkdrop. They also never fully met all of my needs. Some Mac-specific ones met my needs better, but then I was limited on my work environment. I primarily write tech notes and tutorials for clients, and I have finally found the app that meets all of my needs. I can now work on my work Mac, my personal Linux, my personal iPad, my clients’ Windows computers or virtual desktops and anywhere in-between on top of having the other features I need such as tables, image resizing, better list numbering, web links to let people preview my work before exporting to PDF, etc.

I also really appreciate how involved you are with the community Takuya-san, you are a rare breed of developer. Thank you so much for your work, I’m sorry it took me so long to find your app!


Thanks for the kind words, Dan!
The new mobile version I’ve been rebuilding is on the way.