Windows UI is greasy on Windows 10

Bug report

The Windows UI looks greasy on Windows 10 when starting up the application. The demo with Version 5.4 works.

The problem occurs with the installer version as well as with the zip archive.


  • Platform: Windows
  • Platform version: 10
  • App Version: 5.5.0

How to reproduce

Just starting the Application

I guess I found a hint… It might be an issue with how the Electron framework is working with the Nvidia driver.

I changed some settings Antialiassing for example, and it seems to help somehow…

Maybe someone could crosscheck on that?


Hi Tobias,

Thanks for the report.
What do you mean by ‘greasy’?
That sounds like an Electron bug or something that depends on your environment.
Maybe you can find a similar issue in the Electron community?

Hallo Takuya,

thanks for your fast response.

as shown in the picture, the text is not sharp but greasy.

It is for sure a problem with electron and its interaction with the graphics driver…

I managed to get it working by changing the settings in the graphic driver.


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