When and what to take notes on

I’ve published another video tutorial, which is about the issue-driven tech note-taking workflow.

The text version is also available here:

Key points

  • A simple rule: One note per issue
    • You should focus on writing issues such as bugs, feature ideas, learning tasks, research topics, troubleshooting issues, and so on.
  • Write both your understandings and misunderstandings
    • It won’t help you learn by just copying & pasting the official documentation into your notes.
  • Avoid striving for perfection
    • Do not pretend to be smart in your notes
    • Your notes are not homework reports to be submitted to your teacher
  • Take notes while debugging, not afterwards
    • Treat note-taking as a way to narrate your problem-solving journey to yourself, allowing for an objective view of the issues.
  • Express your thoughts, including your emotions
    • This way, even if you are working alone, it makes you feel like you are collaborating with yourself.
  • Use note statuses to keep track of your issues
    • With the ‘one note per issue’ approach, note statuses can let you manage your notes effectively as tasks.

Happy writing!