What is your favorite plugin?

Hey guys!

We’ve got more than 100 plugins, thanks to the lots of effort by the community.
It’d be great to share what plugin you guys are using so that we can discover new ones.
Please feel free to post your favorite plugins here!

  • What plugin do you use?
  • How do you use it? - some screenshots
  • Why do you like it?
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My favorite plugin is super-simple-distraction-free, which makes the distraction free mode even more simple and clean:

It helps me a lot focus on writing blog posts!

The UI theme is vibrant-dark-ui.

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My favorite plugin is “sidetoc”.
It helps me to jump to the section I need to refer to, when I take notes on my research projects.

My another favorite is “tag-badge”, with which I can make some topics stand out so that I can find it easily afterward.

By the way, I thank Takuya so much for having built the Alfred workflow!


Thanks for letting me know🤩 I added links to the plugins in your post!

One of my favorite plugins is Note templates. While you can use templates without this plugin it does provide a much quicker way with less tinkering which is really neat, I simply have to create a note in my templates notebook.
I mainly use Inkdrop for university-related notes so having templates ready for notes of different types of texts helps speed that up a lot.

Some of my other favorite plugins are the combination of Copy code to clipboard and Code title. It provides a good way to get an overview of my code snippets in notes as well as a quicker way to copy and use them.

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Great to know how you use Inkdrop with templates :heart_eyes: Definitely those plugins are useful!

My favorite plugin is the official Vim plugin. Like to use the same shortcut/keys to edit text and moving around the editor.

Yeah, Vim plugin would be the go-to plugin for many users!
BTW, I just found that you’ve created ghost-fade-focus, which is so beautiful and useful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’m glad you like the plugin and find it useful. :blush:
Have so long time wanted to make some plugins but had no ideas or inspiration what to do.

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Here are the plugin ideas you might find interesting :grin::

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I could look if there is something that I could figure out and able to use it also by myself :smiley:

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Peter’s octopus-dark theme is just stunning!

link-card is awesome🤩 It can expand links as cards!